Phoebe is the co-owner and an organizational genius who brings together diverse coalitions via artistic social practice. She has gained an advanced degree from Goldsmiths in London after working on several artistic projects in Philadelphia and New York and a degree from Temple.

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Your business could be exposed to security risk. We make sure you're protected for your digital identity objects using X.509v3 digital certificates in the Directory. Your actual organization name and number registration is independently managed by ANSI, and is superior to DNS as a one time fee.

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Zoe, is the programming guru/teacher and owner of Cequs (here projecting on Philadelphia city hall) for a collaborative multistakeholder artistic social action Pew Project on immigrant stories that Peggy helped develop.

Showing you how to plug your organization into the Next Generation Secure Internet with an in-depth focus on Health Care security after developing standards for effective health care messaging encryption. It's not enough to offer a technical solution, but complicated industries involved in social and technological stage can run afoul of privacy requirements and lose the the trust of their users. Using existing IETF and ISO standards, industries can build neutral data exchange points that don't compromise privacy and risk data breaches. 

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Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

Are we a blockchain? No. As a centralized identity technology and native Internet pure play, we are unique and backed by published open standards.

We specialize in secure Internet identity that goes beyond DNS, as a pilot  funded in 1993 with 10 million dollar grant to establish the Internet, (NSF-53) of centralized Internet Information Services.

The design pattern of Sipapu is to allow the tricksters to attract speculation while the more secure cryptography based Internet is developed with open standards and digital human rights. Tricksters play an important role in the initial stages to populate the network before ethical trusted  networks form.

The scientists who built the Internet had something better in mind. However the first goal was growth, "IP over everything" Vint Cert, and not security.

Thus security issues are constantly a problem on the Internet with threat actors using advanced techniques and processes. When the commercial net started in 1994, I was there and it was not that amazing to have email.  Now in 2022 it is integrated into the fabric of  our daily life. However the centralized resource of the the internet, the INTERNIC essentially ended in 1996.

It was used to create a great deal of commercial success and also excess,  from the formerly academic and scientific efforts.

As such security was not baked in, as it was with the more complex OSI and ISO protocols. Overall, this has resulted in #surveillance capitalism. Remarkably the x.500 protocol is almost completely misunderstood if you check Wikipedia. and people have little understanding of PKI.

This can be balanced with cryptography, but key management is an issue. The Directory binds cryptographic credentials with organizational and user identity to solve that problem in a digital version of the United States. The entire United States cryptographically integrated using both distributed and decentralized technology using a geo political approach, entirely for U.S. citizens.

I enabled  it to help stop the spread of Nuclear Weapons at the request of the government nuclear labs and the directory Quipucamayocs as the country equals US manager by enabling Internet encryption end to end using secure email and PKI, public key infrastructure.

Cequs is an ISO applications layer (x.500 Directory) commercial platform and lean startup for the entire US administrative domain based on ISO and IETF standards by an agreement with the GSA in 1997.

It is creative IP inspired by native American Hopi mythology to protect the autochtone network digital native Intellectual Property of the virtual "5th World" (virtual country equals United States). See the NADF description in RFC-1218 for a naming scheme implemented in the White Pages Pilot Project.

Our mission is to actively prevent the kinetic, political, and economic  destruction of the cyber and physical U.S. country by promoting the advancement of defense and peace while self organizing and uniting identity as US citizens. We look to integrate identity systems based on standards.

This takes different forms, consulting, social action, art,  advanced health and peace technology guided by our proximity and interaction with Swarthmore and Philadelphia.

Our owners are noted social activists engaged with the community that have gotten prestigous grants and fostered social justice in areas that foster local community development.

On the technical side, programming and authentication infrastructure and cybersecurity experts that address root causes of issues such as Social Determinants of Health by linking bi-directional data from patients to hospitals using HL7 protocols.

We recently have networked with other identity professionals in Linux Public Health to help create requirements around digitally signed immunization credentials and certificates that meet vaccination mandate requirements to help eradicate Covid-19.

It all began with PSINet Japan asking me to take over the defunct "White Pages project", which was linked to Paradise NameFlow in the 1988 Quipu version of X.500.  As c=US manager I renamed the description of the US to be "Sipapu, honoring native Americans" which updated Directory Server Agents worldwide, including NATO servers.

Currently X.500 is used to hold self-signed PKI X.509v3 certificates at the Federal Bridge, and within some corporations. Telcos have developed  digital signatures for phone numbers (STIR/SHAKEN  IETF RFC) due to robocall fraud which consumed over 50% of voice bandwidth.

This devalued the entire voice based telephone system by allowing the criminals to operate without limits and has been solved with x.509v3 PKI. 

Technology/mythology and Internet Archeology was deliberately meant to counteract "Life out of Balance" or the Hopi  "Koyaanisqati" the business plan is diagrammed on the Hopi prophecy rock.

Since the approach is unique, content based, and creative, it has a 70 year copyright lifespan,  with a mission to rebalance the harmony of the  United States using Identity Management fully detailed in NIST 800-63 and meeting cybersecurity requirements of CISA.

This metaverse is based on what is real and going on currently in the community as opposed to misinformation, and will enable people to have better health outcomes by leveraging health data with health care providers.